President Nicolás Maduro arrived in Algeria to strengthen bilateral relations

The head of state stopped in Algeria before arriving in Istanbul, Turkey, where he will participate as president of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in a joint meeting of 58 member countries of the Islamic Community

The Revolution obtained 6,517,605 votes last Sunday

The president Nicolás Maduro explained that the number of votes obtained by the Bolivarian Revolution represented 70% of the participation, which allowed him to win a total of 305 city halls of the country

New Ministers for Oil, Foreign Trade, Housing and Transportation

Manuel Quevedo as president of Petroleos de Venezuela; Ildemaro Villarroel as Ministry of Housing; Jose Vielma Mora as Minister for Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment; and Carlos Osorio Zambrano will be in charge of the Ministry of Transportation

Venezuela Warns that Treasury Department Is behind Resource Sequestration

"The Treasury Department of the administration of Donald Trump has ordered all these institutions, which are part of some way of dictatorship of the capitalist system, to find the means to drown Venezuela," said Jorge Rodriguez

Venezuela Celebrates Refinancing with Russia

Venezuela assures that the operation with Russia, which involves extending the payment period originally established for 2022 to 2026 for $ 3,150 million, makes the terms of financing more flexible

Venezuelan Oil Price Increased 30% in Four Months

"The Venezuelan oil basket has exceeded the barrier of $ 55 per barrel; about four months ago it was around 40 or 41 dollars, which indicates that we have exceeded $ 15 per barrel," oil minister Eulogio Del Pino said

ANC Will Continue Legal Procedures to Politicians who Attempted against State Stability

The constituent Julio Chavez also stressed that within the purposes of the ANC to ensure peace in the country is to prevent impunity; "Freddy Guevara and those who have to give answers to the country must face the national justice"

The Campaign for Municipal Elections Has Started

The campaign phase will continue for a period of 15 days, until December 7. In that period, the electoral meetings with the people will continue to be held, in which voters can clear up their doubts about the vote and the electoral process

Most Venezuelans Believe that Regional and Municipal Elections Contribute to Peace

In addition to that, the survey showed that 71% of citizens agree with the call for municipal elections held by the National Constituent Assembly (ANC)
Jueves 14/12

Auditorías: La historia de una práctica por la transparencia electoral

El sistema electoral en Venezuela cuenta con una plataforma totalmente automatizada desde 2004 y, a partir de ese momento, la revisión del funcionamiento de todos sus componentes se hace antes, durante y después de cada comicio, como una forma de certificar la transparencia del proceso